On the Woman’s Plight

For many years, even unto Eve, the woman has had problems throughout the ages. From the first time she was beguiled into taking the fruit from Eden to the modern Jewish* root of Feminism, corruption threatening to usurp control of her from her God and her man runs amok, seeping into her heart.

We find, that due to the influence of Christ and the infinite mercy of God, that some women have not fallen into that bile which dissolves their core. Free from the Harlotry that ruins their ability to love men, free from abortions which destroy a life and make her a murderer. Free from pornography which breaks their will and enslaves men to being whoremongers, asking for more. Does she continue in this evil?

NAY! Instead, these women: they know Christ. They are Godly in their ways, providing an excellent example to them through Fidelity, giving them love when they are down, keeping the house in order while the man is away, raising her children to be Godly and providing tender love, while raising the daughters themselves to provide it as well. Remaining as pure as she can to make sure that her daughters follow suit. Submitting to the man in order to glorify her family.

These are women who are desired for the future. They must be the guiding light that the females lack. Not to be snatched by devils who so weaken the family, but to be raised righteously and justly. They are a huge influence, not just to their daughters, but to their sons and Husbands.

A wife not loyal to her husband is sure to cause a rift in the family. Whether it be by adultery or by being argumentative, it will bode no positivity towards the family. The man himself will be influenced to do equally heinous things in revenge. Then, neither will be in the right. The children will see the devil ridden family and the Jew propaganda and follow suit.

St. Paulus said it best in the following verses:

She must glorify the family through Godliness. The Church is subject to Christ as such the woman is to the man. Stronger is the family with a loyal woman. The man will not be disloyal as he sees the woman as a godly woman to not reject. Together until death shall they remain. Spiritual vipers held at bay with the Holy Spirit’s guiding light emanating from her.

This thereby we ask of our female audience: Take not offense to our teachings, but rather let it inspire you to be the best women for your husbands. Let it inspire you to continue your line, to further beautify society, etc. Let it also inspire you to read the Bible more often in which to guide you further into raising for yourselves better families. Let it bring you peace and serenity, and not sin and war.

If it gets too rough for you, pray. Pray in sickness. Pray in spousal disloyalty. Pray for your unruly children, Pray in loss, Pray in Financial Crisis. Most importantly: pray just for the sake of getting closer to God. Even if you have nothing for which to pray, just kneel down, fold your hands, close your eyes, and talk to God. He will give you the guidance to help you in your time of need.

With this emanating aura of serenity and Godliness, your Husband will wonder about your newfound Christlike behavior and wish for it too. This will be your guiding chance. Open up his heart to Jesus and let the Holy Spirit do the work. Work together, keep building your relationships, and they will flower tenfold. You are your men’s moral support and the nurturer who brings a gentle touch to young children. Know this, and train your children well.

4 thoughts on “On the Woman’s Plight

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