Good Boy Who Dindu Nuffin Encounters Policeman Who Assaults Him

Associated Press shows the horrific event.

In the news again, a Good boy who didn’t do anything has been violently assaulted by the big bad cops.

It is unfortunate that the video quality is terrible, and we don’t get to see what happened before and after the event, which makes the narrative being pushed questionable at best. We need to see what happened so we can vindicate him!

Newly obtained police bodycam footage shows a Louisiana state trooper pummeling a black motorist 18 times with his flashlight following a 2019 traffic stop that has since come under scrutiny by the feds. Aaron Larry Bowman, 46, was left with several broken bones and a gash to his head as a result of the May 2019 beating from deputies, who forced him from his car and onto the ground after stopping him near his home in Monroe, the Associated Press reported Wednesday. “I’m not resisting! I’m not resisting!” Bowman can be heard screaming between blows in shocking video obtained by the AP. The footage allegedly shows Jacob Brown, a 31-year-old white trooper, unleashing the attack. Brown resigned from the department last March.
Aaron Larry Bowman was reportedly struck 18 times by a state trooper while yelling "I'm not resisting!"
The Gud Boy

Of Course, it turns out to be a White Nationalist type And exactly one you’d expect.

Louisiana State Police Trooper Jacob Brown defended his actions as "pain compliance."
White Nationalist

Why does it always happen to be White Nationalists beating up and murdering poor innocent Black men? Especially White Nationalist cops. Never mind the fact that he was in the process of retirement. They don’t deserve retirement, not while these poor innocent Blacks are being murdered by the hundreds of thousands by Whites!

Pay no attention to these statistics!

Yes, African Americans are more likely to commit crimes than any other race by a huge margin. It is unfortunate that they have done this, they dindu nuffin and deserve a third chance despite all these crimes! Besides, it’s cuz they poor and ain’t got no opportunities in life.

He is under federal investigation, has been hit with state charges over the beating and was found by state police to have “engaged in excessive and unjustifiable actions.” Brown can be seen on video whaling on Bowman with an 8-inch aluminum flashlight reinforced with a pointed end to shatter automotive glass. “Give me your f—— hands!” the trooper shouted. “I ain’t messing with you.” Bowman tried to explain that he was a dialysis patient, had done nothing wrong and wasn’t resisting, saying, “I’m not fighting you, you’re fighting me.”

Yes, why are you trying to beat up this poor man? He certainly wouldn’t beat you up if you weren’t keeping him down. Dem Programs were going to turn his life around!

From the ground, Bowman can later can be heard moaning, “I’m bleeding!” “They hit me in the head with a flashlight!” In a statement to the AP, state police said Brown had failed to report the use of force to his supervisors and “intentionally mislabeled” his body-camera video. After the encounter, Brown claimed Bowman had struck a deputy. The trooper said he used force as “pain compliance” for the purpose of handcuffing the motorist. Bowman denied striking anyone and is not seen on the video being violent with officers. He is facing charges over the incident, including battery of a police officer, resisting an officer and the traffic violation for which he was initially stopped, improper lane usage.

Pay no attention to that last part! These Cops didn’t get attacked by the poor innocent Black man! He was just driving along minding his own business going fast, when suddenly, this police car stopped him and a fight ensued. The Fight ended with him being beaten up with a flashlight.

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