Happy Easter Sunday

Happy Easter Sunday Everyone, I hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday, at Church enjoying the festivities and rejoicing about our Savior’s resurrection!

So, What is Easter and Why do we celebrate it? Before we talk about Easter and why we Celebrate it, I want to clear up a misconception. Many people trying to subvert Christianity have said it had pagan origins with the pagan goddess Astarte. It does not, although the name in the Germanic languages might sound similar.

But enough on that. Easter is the celebration of Christ’s resurrection and the Triumph of God over Hell. Unfortunately for us, we had this condition known as sin, and we all had the mark of condemnation on us. Once Eve took that fruit all those years ago, Humanity became abhorrent in the eyes of God. While we had this blemish of sin, we were doomed to die and suffer forever in a lake of fire and sulfur.

Yet, he sent his son to die for us. When he died for us, he took on the sins of those who would be saved by him. In the grave he remained for 3 days, weighted by the sins of the saved, until he overpowered them and woke on that first Easter Sunday. This marked a turning point for Satan, His goal was to assure that God’s special creation, humanity, would be all destined to burn in Hell with him.

But why would he do this? It all stems back to why he initially created humans in the first place. He wanted a group to bear his likeness and return the love he gave them. Even in Genesis 3, he mentions that he will send a son to strike the serpent (Who is later revealed to be Satan in Revelation 12)  “And he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.” (Genesis 3:15). Even though he had just been betrayed by Adam and Eve, he still loved them as they were his creations.

In short, it is a celebration of the consummate efforts of God in order that humanity might have a shot for Heaven.

This was a joyous moment for the disciples; and the Marys who were the first of Jesus’ followers to come to Jesus, except for Judas, who is currently in Hell. With the Bible outright stating “The Son of man goeth as it is written of him: but woe unto that man by whom the Son of man is betrayed! it had been good for that man if he had not been born.” It’s saying “Judas is in Hell” without actually saying “Judas is in Hell”.

How Joyous is it to us as well that we have been given a second chance on this day! One where eternity with Jesus and having a restored harmony with God is possible. Also around this time, if not the exact day of Jesus’ resurrection, a few Jews made it to the Jewish population quicker and told them not to follow Jesus, but instead that the Disciples had made a puppet of his corpse. This was the birth of Judaism, but the resurrection of Jesus was fresh on the minds of many.

These same people persecuted by Nero in the 60s AD, would they remain Christian if Jesus hadn’t actually resurrected? Probably not. This fact alone, that they did remain as Christians is evidence that Jesus actually did do what he set out to do. He did die on a Cross, he did get buried, he did get resurrected, and he did ascend into Heaven.

He awaits with open arms, all you have to do is reject sin and accept him.

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