Dawn of a new site

I welcome you all to my blog “Aquila Imperialis”! This is only going to be an introductory article dedicated to showing how I write. Further explained in this article will be the basic things this website will cover, how will I organize the site? What is my belief system as well as how I am going to implement it? I will post occasional news articles and commentary on them from my perspective. There will also be a daily Bible chapter reading section, not only because I need to memorize it, but for the sake of those who don’t have a Bible and to convert them. There will also be a Latin word of the day with a picture of said word and a translation below. If I do anything major in my days, I will make notes of it in personal stuff.

Regarding Organization

Organization is a simple matter of categorizing how a site should be run. There will be many Categories, including one situated around Updates to the main site (Mostly because the site will initially be terrible as most nascent sites are). This post will be included in that category. This post will also be included in Personal stuff, where I include updates on personal life, including when I am incapacitated. I will also do things later involving that category that I will not reveal yet. Despite involving me, it is not my most important category, and it will rarely have updates written.

The second category will involve news and political beliefs. It will be aptly named “News and Politics” The former, news, will be posted daily. The latter, Politics will be posted far less often in comparison to news, but will serve as essays in comparison to the News section.

Another Category included is the Bible Posting Category where I will write one chapter of the Bible Daily for memorization purposes. It is currently unknown which version of the Bible I will use, but I’m leaning either on the KJV, English translation of the Septuagint, or the Douay-Rheims. This is my most important category, for obvious reasons.

Another category that comes into play is Latin. There will be a Daily word of the day involving Latin once the site gets up and running. There will occasionally be grammar lessons involving Latin as well. Herein will also serve as the first instance of the Latin word of the day: Aquila, Aquilae (f) First declension.

Aquilla /ˈa:.kʷɪ.la/* means “Eagle”, and is one of the two words in which the site’s name is derived. The other word is Imperialis, /ɪm.pɛ.riˈaː.lis̠/, meaning “Imperial” This category will be a very important category for the site, and I hope it helps with Latin learning.

There will be updates to the site when major changes have been implemented either by me or my editrix. Including, but not limited to When I get a new person to help write, when a category is added, if I am low on funds (Which probably will never be the case), or Anniversary posts. This will be the category on which I make the least updates, even less so than the already rare personal updates.

As for the last category: it will be where I post updates on any book I might be writing. I will not give out any significant details to anyone outside of my editrix. It’s more about updates to which chapter I have completed up to (Currently on chapter 4 as of 4/1/2021). It will also be where I post whether I have writers block, or have forced hiatus (I find it stupid that “hiatus” is the same in singular and plural in English). Posts won’t be as rare as personal updates, but they will be significantly rarer than Political updates.


I am hoping that this clears any initial confusion this site has whenever it first launches. I bid you all welcome, and enjoy your stay!



8 thoughts on “Dawn of a new site

  1. Looking forward to all of it, Caesarion! I’m glad to hear you opted for adding seldom updates to the personal category, as while I am interested in hearing your viewpoints, how you arrived at them and etc, personal info is also a very dicey thing in the dissident right. I’m a big fan of history and I think I am most excited for News and Politics, of course having a place to come for daily Bible verses and Latin phrases is very interesting to me as well. Best of luck!

    Also, who is your picture of?

    Thanks for joining on, the picture is of a reconstruction of Caesar. ‘Tis going to be a big undertaking, but it will be successfully done.

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  2. I appreciate this blog. For years I have been telling everyone to study Roman history, classical languages and to write effortposts. That’s what brings us forward.


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